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Title: SIP client for Hi3518 based devices
Post by: sithyoda on November 04, 2017, 05:44:46 am
I am working on reverse engineering a IP doorbell based on Hisilicon Hi3518E chip. The device runs HiLinux on kernel 3.0.8, which is quite ok. All I want, is to remove the manufacturers P2P software and install a SIP client on it. GPIO's have to be polled as well, to grab the doorbell button and activate the door opener.
I'm already able to cross-compile little c-programs with the Hi3518 SDK, but to get alsa and e.g. linphone my linux/compiler knowledge is not sufficient yet.
So I thought of taking a SIP implementation of any other device, that is Hi3518 based. There are some (ITS Telecom Pantel IP, Fanvil i30,...) but I cannot get rootfs of them.
Any idea where to start?