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Title: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
Post by: mbirth on October 18, 2016, 08:26:03 pm
I've got a FI9831W here ready to be played with. Recovery image is available and, of course, the serial console is connected to my trusty USB-TTL-adapter.

My biggest gripe with the camera is the WebUI - which ONLY lets you log in with the stupid IPC plugin installed. And that's only available for Windows and Mac - no Linux.

So what alternative WebUIs are there? I'd LOVE to get something like the INSTAR WebUI which works without any stupid browser plugin on any modern browser. But I've already checked and the INSTAR devices run mostly on Grainmedia SoCs and have a different partition layout. And their recovery manual only talks about partition 6 and 7. No word about the other 5. The only real candidate would be the IN-6011HD firmware, which is a HiSilicon, too. But I assume they use the OEM WebUI for that, not their own one. And I know that from a Wansview NCH-536MW already.

Any other hints?

EDIT: So from poking around in the uBoot, this thing has a 16MB SPI Flash memory and 192MB RAM. Partition layout is: hi_sfc:1M(boot),4M(kernel),11M(jffs2). SoC is a HiSilicon Hi3518. (IN-6011HD is a Hi3511.)
Title: Re: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
Post by: TheUberOverLord on October 20, 2016, 12:31:50 pm
Please see this. It works with many different IP Camera brands and models including Foscam, Axis, Amcrest, Hikvision and virtually any IP Camera that supports pulling snapshots using HTTP and HTTPS methods and does not require any plugins.

It's compatible with any Internet browser capable device that's using any Operating System and browser.

More here with live demos:,748.0.html

Title: Re: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
Post by: mbirth on October 20, 2016, 12:40:17 pm
Please see this.

I'm sorry but this is not what I need. I just wanted an easier way to configure the camera from Linux. Things like schedules, alarm zones and such. Currently, I have to fire up a Windows VM and do everything from there.
Title: Re: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
Post by: dcesari on October 21, 2016, 04:50:06 am
Not sure whether this is exactly what you are looking for, but pyFosControl at is a python client library implementing most of the Foscam API, so that you can set e.g. schedules, motion detection areas, etc. or other things not supported in non-IE browsers from the command line by writing a relatively simple python program. It is based on the formerly published Foscam API which has been retired from the web, so it may not work with newer cameras/firmware.
Title: Re: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
Post by: 2018cam on December 13, 2018, 12:04:50 pm
Hi mbirth,
I'm a newbie of ip cam world, after 2 year and some months my FI9831W as stopped working.

After some search, I've found serial port and I've tried a firmware recovery with u-boot, but with a very bad result.
Now my camera is not booting.
Seems I've overwritten u-boot partition.

Using flashrom sw and Raspberry Pi I can read/write the eeprom but I dont have the image.
Reading your edit I hope You have a backup of image of your camera. :)

I've searched the files section but without success, can you give me eeprom image or a suggestion?