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Title: Can't acces my camera true browser
Post by: gohigher on April 19, 2016, 08:19:39 am

I've 3 cameras from enxun. (mip-8230)
The cameras are working , i can see the video true my nvr. But now the problem. All 3 cameras are in daytime black and white and when it's getting dark the ir goes on and the black and white video is gone. For me there is something wrong in the software of the cameras. I would like to change the setting in the cameras , but i cant acces them anymore true browser. The login en password are not changed. It sould be admin and password 9999.
With that login i can add them to my nvr without any problems. But when i try to acces them true browser , i see the login screen but i cant acces it. I want to find a way to reset them back to factory or just get in the software to ajust some settings.

Is someone would like to try these are my camera addresses

Really hope someone can help me out.