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Help / How to extract a .OV (extention) firmware file?
« on: April 17, 2017, 12:24:07 pm »

Does someone knows how to extract a .OV (extention) firmware file?

Any help on this is welcome!


I'm looking for the firmware of an IPCC-B13L 960P 1.3MP (Hi3518 + AR0130).
The manufacturer does not have the firmware for this camera at their support page.

The camera has two boards, one with the Hi3518 chip and one with the CCD sensor and schould be an Aptiva AR0130 CCD sensor.

The CCD board have the description: CCD_CAM_8M-142(A)
After searching I can not find anything about CCD CAM 8M-142.

At WebIF I could see Hard Ver: 7100-ar0130_960P
The firmware I had on this was: V2.0.6.1-X20-Build:20130928D

I have bricked the camera due to flashing a wrong firmware :-[

Does anybody knows if the whole firmware is located in the flash chip 25L12835F ?

Any help is welcome!

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