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Firmware / Re: Is there such a thing as OpenNVR firmware?
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:51:23 am »

And yes, I realize I can double or triple my budget and get a better NVR. I might just do that. But first I wanted to understand what the minimum viable setup looks like.

The sucky part about the things is the monolithic package containing the recorder and webserver components (It's Sophia for XiongMai-sourced stuff.) One of the first tasks is to pick it apart, see what the component programs are (it's effectively a distro inside a distro) and what they do.

These systems have wildly different functionality inside and outside China, if you read chinese you'll see there's a lot of things like automatic upload to central authority sites and similar stuff that isn't there in non-chinese mode. It could be that the binary is packed up tightly so that people can't see the level of snooping that goes on.

The actual Chipset linux distro itself is easily buildable from the SDK as mentioned.

What would be AWESOME would be to port zoneminder to these devices. If you check out the zoneminder website you'll understand why.

Firmware / XiongMai-based DVRs - Sophia?
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:42:38 am »

Has anyone managed to unpick the monolithic Sophia binary to work out what its components are?

This is the one that contains the swiss-cheese uc-httpd server along with DVR functionality.

I can see various GPL symbols in it, so I'm regarding it as fair game for examination.

Has anyone managed to get XiongMai or anyone selling devices it uses to comply with GPL?

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