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Firmware / Re: Is there such a thing as OpenNVR firmware?
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:37:36 am »
I know this thread is a bit old but it seemed to be a relevant starting point.  I've read through the forums for a while now, but still don't get the answer to what's probably a pretty noob question.

Why hasn't anyone tried to define a standard spec that would allow cross camera firmware to be written?

Yes, I have some idea of the nightmare variations of hardware out there. But the thing is, this problem has been around in a lot of areas, and usually a specification is defined to allow HALs (hardware abstraction layers).  The idea being, if a manufacturer opted in, they would be compatible only by having to maintain a thin abstraction layer, on top of which higher level firmware abstractions were built.

A real life example of this is Android phones. Ever notice how lots of Android phones get slow updates or none at all?  It was partially due to a similar problem of many different hardware designs.

So now to try and address this, Google is investing in something called project treble, to make HALs more consistent, well defined, easier to maintain.  One quote about it: 

"To solve the hardware abstraction layer issue, Android O formalized the division between hardware sub systems like audio or camera, and their clients on the software side. These new formal divisions specify the interface between a HAL and its users. There are now around 60 formal interfaces for various hardware components, known as HIDLs. The goal of a HIDL is to allow the framework to be replaced without having to rebuild HALs. HALs will be built by vendors or SoC makers and put in a vendor partition on the device, enabling the framework to exist in its own partition..."

So the noob question is, why couldn't at least a basic HAL be spec'd out to allow cross camera firmware?

Is the only issue getting a company to build a camera that supports the spec?

Could a kickstarter gain enough traction to allow one to be built with the pitch being, the worlds first truly open IP camera?  It would seem like if just the one camera got enough orders, it would catch the attention of other manufacturers, maybe add some pressure to collaborate on some standards.

Ok I'm ready to know how crazy all this thinking is, if anyone doesn't mind helping me to understand.


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