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Help / Re: Anran HD PTZ Camera bricked
« Last post by grashoper on January 03, 2017, 03:33:34 pm »
I never had an ounce of luck with this thing. I spent so many hours tinkering with this thing it's unreal!  lol The garbage characters on the screen is all i was ever able to obtain on the screen. I put it in the bottom drawer for now, until I come across someone with more information. 
Hacking & Modding / Help recovery of HT-IP206 (clon foscam FI8918W?)
« Last post by CarlosBrown on December 26, 2016, 08:02:17 pm »
Hi, I hope you can help me.

What firmware can I use to restore a Hootoo HT-IP206 after a broken update?

Try using the firmware FI8918W but after boot show this error:

Wait for auto-negotiation complete ... ResetPhyChip Failed
Open video device error

I use this firmware
Well, to follow up on my own post, I went ahead and gave it a try.  I copied off all of the mtd partitions from the jovision camera to NFS share via dd.

Apparently there's something different about the ethernet interface on these two cameras.  Once all the firmware was copied over using tftp from uboot, I rebooted and found that I no longer had network connectivity.  This triggered some sort of boot loop and I had to regain control at the uboot prompt via serial interface.  There was no network connectivity from uboot either.  I thought I was hosed, but I noticed on the uboot menu: "loady   - load binary file over serial line (ymodem mode)" I gave it a shot and managed to reload all my original firmware back to the cheap ebay camera and it seems no worse for the wear.

Next up, I'll try and use the linux kernel from the ebay camera (since it likely has the ethernet driver) in a custom partition and see where that takes me.  I suppose I could use the original uboot as well since it seems to be compiled to use the ethernet.
Firmware / Wansview L series IP Camera alternative firmware
« Last post by beckinsaul on December 13, 2016, 09:28:08 am »
Hi all,

I have a Wansview L series webcam that doesn't appear to be focussing correctly and I would like to load some alternative or updated firmware onto it, to see if it solves the problem or if I should just chuck it in the bin.

My current firmware is

I have emailed wansview for a suitable download but have had no reply. Can anybody help?
I have a few cheap HI3518 based cameras I've collected over the past few months.  Of these, one was purchased from microcenter and has a Jovision firmware derivative.  It has some features I like such as http based frame capture to JPG.  Another is a cheap Chinese ebay purchase, but has nearly identical hardware.  I'm able to get into the uboot menu of both and have managed to hack up some romfs images (with my own passwords, i.e.), but I'm wondering if I can flash one firmware onto another camera.

Both cameras have different size MTD partitions, but this is all just one hunk of MTD flash right?  The kernel command line tells it where to mark partition boundaries, right?  If I were to reset the uboot environment on one to match the other, then flash the partitions accordingly, would this work?  I'm still a bit afraid to try this just yet, but I guess at worst, I'm out a $16 ebay camera.
Hacking & Modding / Re: adding digital IO to a cheap yosee ipcam
« Last post by GenePoole on December 04, 2016, 04:13:13 pm »
My guess is that those are for the UART port.  The middle two are probably TX and RX.
Hacking & Modding / adding digital IO to a cheap yosee ipcam
« Last post by robinlawrie on December 04, 2016, 02:05:37 pm »
hi.. purchased my first ipcam. cheap as chips.  i had hoped that since they probably uses the same board for many different models that the io features would be present in some form.
sure enough when i cracked it open, there are 4 fat solder pads next to the power connector that look to be in a similar location and layout to the io connectors on more expensive cams.. however im getting no dc voltage or resistance changes on them when alarms are triggered.

the two outermost pads have a steady 3.3v between them, but the two central ones read 0 at all times.   

is it more complex than just connecting a relay or switch to the board there (or in another location)?

adviec most appreciated..   no idea of the real model number, or if yoosee is the actual manufacturer.    it has a grain cpu, wifi, ethernet and a 433mhz antenna for learning an alarm  trigger input.

this is the model:

help most appreciated.

id like to trigger it using an old wired pir sensor (motion detector seems flaky) , and have it also trigger my old wired alarm when it activates.
Help / Re: Anran HD PTZ Camera bricked
« Last post by GenePoole on December 04, 2016, 12:49:35 pm »
I've only messed with three different brands.  They were all 115200 N81.  I also found that one one (with un-labled pads) that when I had some pins wrong, I would get garbage on the terminal.  The way I figure it out is to put the GND pin to a known ground on the board (like where a screw goes through and there's a bare spot on the ground plane.  Then just look for the TX line by trying them all between power cycles until you see legible characters.  Once you have TX, finding RX is pretty easy.  You may want to test the pads with a voltmeter first just to be sure it is a serial connection.  It could be for something else and have enough voltage to fry your serial TTL chip.
Help / Re: Help identify PT Network Camera
« Last post by grashoper on December 04, 2016, 06:45:26 am »
I received this IP Camera as an award from a website. The website says that the award was that of a Sennce SN-IP7800HD but the one I received is just some Chinese rebrand with not much except that I can access the web interface which is only IE friendly via the ActiveX access.

I've tried looking at TCPDump to see what data is being transmitted and where. 80 for UI and what looks to be 4001 for TCP traffic.

I can get a telnet prompt but no combination of admin or root seems to let me in
It's running a Hi3518E SoC but they (whoever they are) doesn't use the same root/pass that everyone on the net seem to mention.

I've tried iSpy and it doesn't seem to find a video feed either, but clearly there is because not only is the an ActiveX plugin for it, but there is also an Android and iOS app for it.

I'm just trying to get the video feed so I can make use of it. Otherwise, using IE9 and lower is just not useful.

Do a google search for ONVIF Manager and give that a try. I don't have much experience, but i have done a massive amount of reading and research, and this little program seems to be able to find just about anything, even if the camera is not on the same subnet as your computer... ISPY likely will not find it, unless it is on the same subnet, and standard default port numbers are used. Post back an let us know how you made out.
Help / Re: Anran HD PTZ Camera bricked
« Last post by grashoper on December 04, 2016, 06:31:16 am »
It looks like the serial port is trying to send something, but maybe the baud rate is off.  Are you sure you have the correct parameters?  Also, make sure there is no flow control.

Sorry if I'm being presumptive about your knowledge level on these things.

I agree completely..As soon as the self test is complete, that is when that short burst of information comes through. No, I am not sure I have the parameters set correctly. I 'think' I tried all available baud rates.  Although, I was thinking, as I was trying various parameters I may have lost track of 'this and that' and perhaps I missed some variables, because that is certainly what it looks like doesn't it? ; all my research I found with most cameras 115200 seems to be a standard??  Perhaps not?  I tried all kinds of different things.. and yes, another 'standard' seems to be with flow control 'off' although I tried both..  Thank you for your input. Also, don't ever worry about testing my knowledge/intelegance.  Although back in th day when these kinds of communications was the norm, my knowledge in trying to talk to a camera VIA these old school methods is difficult for my thought process to go back in time that far  lol It has been a very long time since I tinkered around with these types of protocols.. I'm going to fire it back up here and go thru all the baud rates once again to be sure. Have you had any experience with these things requiring a rate <115200?
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