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1. Video Operation

*720P HD Resolution 1280x720P
*Mini Dome Network IP Camera
*3.6MM board lens for wide angle view
*In-Ceilling indoor&outdoor use
*IR LED day&night vision
*Use highly advanced image sensor
*Advanced H.264 video compression, achieving ultra low bit rate, superb high-definition picture quality.
*Support various information superimposed(such as DDNS etc.)
*Support dural-stream
More dome ip camera feature please visit:

General Discussion / Recommend 3.6mm lens mini dome IP camera for home
« on: April 15, 2016, 01:43:39 am »
1. It equiped with 24PCS IR LED for day&night use,it is mini dome style, can in-ceilling at home, store, office or bank etc.
3.6mm lens mini dome IP camera
IR LED day&night whole day use
ONVIF2.0 Support
1.0Mgepiaxel with 720P HD resolution
P2P play and plug

2.See more dome IP camera at:


How about elp network ip camera? ? I am not really understanding how it works completely...

I am looking in some home survillance camera?

Very good quality picture and well built body. I contacted the seller and they responded very quick , very helpful and professional seller. the camera is a little hard an complicated to setup, . don not try to change the port 80 when setting up . make sure the ActiveX filtering is unchecked when trying to log in . .
Why we choose ELP-IP1892 pinhole ip camera?
1) low difficulty to construction and maintenance, low cost, without laying a lot of video cable or power cord,
simple construction, low cost of transmission equipment (switches or fiber optic transceivers) required, and is conductive to routine maintenance.
2) system scalability, and can be integrated with a variety of equipment realize real 1920x1080P HD resolution,
and improve the equipment working effect.
3) Mini and hidden, can install at home or office elegently. ONVIF international standard protocol.
Product Links:
Product Picture:

After spending some time figuring this one out, I thought I would write it up and hopefully help other people.
* Once you get it setup properly, this actually works really well, and is a really good deal.
* I was concerned the package would not include the necessary power block, but it does, all you need is an ethernet cable.
* You can couple this with a tiny travel router that connects to your wifi and delivers a wired connection to the camera. (I'm using the TP-LINK TL-WR702N but I'm sure any similar product will do).
* The web interface to the camera didn't work for me, it looks like it requires some ActiveX stuff which only works on Windows (I use Linux exclusively).
* The camera's IP address is fixed (I think it's and it doesn't seem like it can be changed, so you'll need to set a fixed IP for it and change the IP of any other device that might have that IP on your internal network.
* After lots of trial and error to try to find the actual video feed's URL, I finally found an Android app that made it work, it's called tinyCam Monitor, there's a paid version but you can probably try it out and make sure it works with your camera with the free version. Use this on your phone while connected to the same network as the camera, and it should allow you to detect it and it will set the right IPs for you.
* Then you still need to configure your router to open the right port if you want to access the video feed from outside the network.
I hope this helps some potential buyers :-)
Product Links:

    remote surveillance anywhere any time through IE or CMS or Smart phone
    3.7mm pinhole lens with PIR style for hidden,equiped power adaptor for free
    small size and cost effective for every day surveillance
    1.0Mgepiaxel with 720P HD resolution,economical price with nice quality.
    Functional support ONVIF and RTSP

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