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Author Topic: Vivotek IP6127 firmware in .pkg format  (Read 5520 times)

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October 11, 2014, 02:00:19 pm
I have a survillance system containing 2 IP cameras :
Vivotek IP6127
and Abus TV7217
Both cameras are pretty much the same but i have to use separate software for each of them, I`d like to get them work in Vivotek software so i figured that:
- try to modify Abus firmware to become a Vivotek 6127 camera ( it`s even secified in camera system log that software is from IP61x7)
- get the video URL from both cameras and connect them do iSpy (RTSP don`t work for me - no audio or lag problem)

I`ve already tried to figure out the video stream addres by using Fiddler with no luck.
I`ve also tried extracting the firmware (it`s on the websites mentioned above), the file is in the .pkg format but neither MAC OS X or Ubuntu software was unable to extract it. Only Binwalk gave me bunch of HTML and LZMA archives containing another HTML files, they were mess and in parts and somehow partially encrypted.

Logging into camera via FTP I see some file structure with html and vspx files partially encrypted
Flash.bin file is write only.
Please help