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Author Topic: DBPOWER VA060K - Serial pin out  (Read 5803 times)

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July 23, 2014, 04:31:21 pm

I'm new to this forum, but thought I would ask the experts of how I might go about getting access to the console on my DBPOWER camera. Reason why I need access is that after purchasing 2 of these I had changed my admin password to a 9 character password through the web interface successfully enough, however when it came to logging back in again now, I realized that the 'login-page' only allowed 8 characters to be put in, and since have not had access to the camera...
Quite silly I tried the same again on the next camera just to be sure that it wasn't me typing it in incorrectly that was the cause, so now they are both in-accessible. :-[

I been reading through the web and there is absolutely no information regarding these type of cameras. The manufacturer does not reply to email's and the retailer that sold the item through Amazon has no idea of how it to recovery it without sending the item back(which cost more than the camera it self..)

I went online and found your forum that mentioned of how to recover a camera through using serial TTL and console access, this more so related to the firmware i presume, but getting console access I'm hoping might get me the possibility to reset the camera to factory-settings.

I have now bought a 'USB to 3.3V/5V Serial UART TTL Auto Sensing Adapter' from Gearmo to be able to use my macbook air to connect to the camera, however now looking on the boards I can not find any J2 4 pin location where i might be able to solder this adapter to it, so now stuck again I turn to you for some professional help to gain access to my camera again.  :D
I have attached pictures of the boards and the box for the camera for reference.

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July 24, 2014, 04:45:31 am
unfortunately all the "serial" stuff relates to the old low res models.

usually the camera should have some procedure (button to be held when inserting power etc) that does a "factory reset". Some models require a special sw (by supplier) that does this over network ...

If there came some "Tool" with the camera for configuring over the network, it might be able to set/reset the password

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July 24, 2014, 11:26:55 pm
Hi Schufti

Thanks for your reply :)

Unfortunately the camera does not have any reset button, must be one of the few ones that doesn't as all my other ones have..
So from what I gathered is that there may not be a serial link at all on this camera to tap into.

The camera did come with a tool to find it, however there is no option to reset to factory through it.

So guess I'm back to being stuck with 2 cameras i can't log into  :'(

There is a telnet login option, however the username/password did not work here either..

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July 25, 2014, 03:11:55 am
the telnet login you want would be as root, usually there is a secret pw ... search the forum, I remeber a thread where a password has been posted.

I found 2 "tools" for similar problems but can't tell if it would work for your cam:

(some of these tools require admin, firewall and virus sw turned off, and won't run on W7)

last (first?) hint would be to contact manufacturer / seller ...
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