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Author Topic: Totally Secure Interafce For H.264 Foscam IP Cameras With Or Without HTTP  (Read 3267 times)

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May 29, 2014, 11:01:58 am
This is now included in the bundle. Any camera owner can easily get and use All My Foscam IP Camera Examples Bundled Together With One Hour Of One-On-One Support To Implement Them Click Here!

If you don't already have a website or a web server to host things like this or to store your IP Cameras Snapshot images and/or videos via FTP. All the examples here are hosted by DigitalOcean which I have found to have great prices and support. No domain name is required and you get your own unique IP Address and it's your Web Server, NOT shared!
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Added Totally Secure Foscam H.264 Based IP Camera Display and Control Support. Even when using HTTP not just HTTPS.

Prior to this release. Only Totally Secure Display was supported using HTTP or HTTPS not IP Camera Controls.

All Foscam H.264 based IP Camera Models can be configured for the size display of your choice. For demonstration purposes. A width of 640 pixels is being used while keeping the aspect ratio for height. But you can configure any default size and use the Interfaces infinite zoom as needed.

Foscam H.264 based IP Camera Models FI9805W, FI9821W V1, FI9821W V2, FI9826W and FI9831W support using the Interfaces Infinite zoom feature. Which is configurable by your choice of zoom percentage per click or infinite zoom can be disabled.

Foscam H.264 based IP Camera Models FI9821W V1, FI9821W V2, FI9826W, FI9828W and FI9831W now also support as many as 10 Presets and Vertical and Horizontal Cruises. 

Foscam H.264 based IP Cameras Models FI9826W and FI9828W now support using both the cameras actual zoom lens as well as the Interfaces Infinite zoom ability. They can also be used together.

All these options are configurable and can be enabled/disabled individually.

Simply click on any Foscam IP Camera Model below to try:

There is a Two Minute Limit For Demonstration Purposes