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Author Topic: DB-Power camera reset not working  (Read 5406 times)

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May 18, 2014, 04:46:18 pm
Hey there!
I got a used DB-Power outdoor camera. It seems like DB-Power cameras are all Wanscam clones, and my computer is able to find it useing the "IP Camera Tool" provided by Wanscam.
But when trying to change propertys in the tool, it shows "wrong user/pass" when trying to log in with the default password (I tried Admin:(blank), Admin:Admin, Admin:1234 and so on..)
Same happens when tying to access Web UI.
Of course I tried to reset the camera in all ways i found in faqs online (pressing reset 10s/60s when powered on OR powering off, pressing reset, powering on while still holding and waiting 10 to 60 seconds, releaseing reset button) and after a time of about 15 secs the LAN LEDs switch of for a second, but after there is still no login possible.

As Im a casual user I am not familiar with flashing firmware stuff, but I really want to get that camera up and working. Is there any way to reset that password? Can I flash a Firmware from this forum without a password? And if yes how?

System firmware version (according to the wanscam tool):
Web UI version (according to the wanscam tool):

SdyPsn  :)