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Author Topic: Web-based VMS / NVR for publishing video from any IP Camera  (Read 3483 times)

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May 06, 2014, 11:00:18 am
uVMS: a web-based Video Management System for publishing, viewing and recording of live streams from any type of video camera or software / hardware video encoder.

  • This is not a hosted service but a software that you run on your own server.
  • Ability to publish live audio-video from RTMP encoders, RTSP IP cameras, MPEG2-TS equipment, iOS/Android-based encoder apps, webcams and capture cards.
  • Near real-time video over IP with Flash player, Unreal Media Player and Apple HLS.
  • Web-based management supporting any browser and any OS.
  • Manual and scheduled recording to .mp4 or .asf files.
  • Searchable database of playable recordings.
  • Multiple access control levels and user rights.
  • Instant download of recorded files for system operators.

Live demo: