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Author Topic: problem receiving email IPS-EYE03W  (Read 3958 times)

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March 20, 2014, 05:29:12 am
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my camera IPS-eye03w, I do not receive email when motion detection or pictures . In the management interface I see motion detection but I am not receiving e -mail . The seller offered me to use blue iris but I did not want to let my pc turn on all the time!
My firmware is up to date : . I 'm all set, I ticked all the boxes in blue. I tried multiple e -mail: gmail, yahoo, hotmail , free, etc. .. but it does not work . Here's how I set up my camera :

- SMTP PORT: 465
- USER NAME : krysc*****
- PASSWORD : (password of my mailbox )
- SEND E- MAIL: krysc*****
- Receiv EMAIL: krysc*****

There is no box authentication or SSL box or tests

Still I do not receive e -mails notifying me of detection ...
I also tried other firmwares but still nothing.

If anyone can help me because I 'm desperate and the manufacturer does not respond to my emails .