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Author Topic: Reboot loop - HiLinux - onvif IP Cam - help?  (Read 5307 times)

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November 27, 2013, 11:01:59 am
Short story is this -- applied a firmware update labelled for this camera, however it appears to be stuck in a reboot loop.  I was able to dump the jffs2 filesystem in the firmware and get the password for root through JTR.

The camera reboots, and stays up for approximately 10 seconds, then reboots again.  There is an audible clicking noise emitted as it does.

I'm able to log in as root (with the password obtained above), and I have full access to the file system for that period.

I would like to stop the rebooting so that I have more time to troubleshoot / apply a different firmware... but as of this time, I'm stuck.

I looked at the init scripts, and found one called which runs /bin/vs/  That in turn runs "himm" after a 30 second sleep (approximately how long the entire cycle takes)... I replaced that script with one that only does "sleep 100", however that was apparently not the culprit.

Any thoughts on how I can halt the reboot loop?  Any help would be much appreciated!