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Author Topic: Free Tools to Record and Benchmark Many IP Camera Brands  (Read 4902 times)

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September 30, 2013, 04:46:50 pm
Any IP Camera owner can optionally easily get and use All my many different IP Camera examples bundled together with one hour of one-on-one support to implement them. Save Time and Money Click Here!

While these free tools were created to support ALL currently selling Foscam camera models. Both MJPEG and H.264 based cameras. The same concepts can be used with most IP Cameras, which may require a little editing on your part.

The foundation of the tools, is ffmpeg and ffplay. Which VLC is actually based on. Everything is included, there is nothing more to download.

Please see this for detailed information:

It should be noted that these tools besides their benchmarking ability to see how well your local network and cameras are performing. Also can record recording files, from your IP cameras, that are in .avi, .asf and .wav formats. The produced recordings can be played using virtually any Media Players. Unlike other recordings which may always require VLC for example, to play your IP Camera recordings.

The tools support recording from both your MJPEG and H.264 cameras in .avi, .asf and .wav formats. While doing so, they produce both real-time statistics and logs with those statistics, including many things. Such as, the FPS ("Frames Per Second") rates, Bytes and Bits per second rates and also what video and audio codecs and formats your IP camera is using. The logs are re-used to avoid the clutter of old logs, based on the recording format and type requested:

1. Video and Audio.
2. Video Only.
3. Audio Only.

For H.264 based cameras. The tools also support doing the above from your cameras Main and Sub streams.

Even if the .cgi or RTSP commands to access your cameras are different then the formats for Foscam cameras. With some simple editing. You should be able to use these tools, with virtually ANY IP Cameras.

While these tools are setup for Windows. ffmpeg has downloads for Linux and Mac based platforms as well. So the same concepts used with these tools, can easily be applied, to whatever scripting language you have access to, on those platforms.

You can for example move your Router/AP up to a higher location, adjust your IP Cameras antenna, see the difference of when your IP camera is in wired and wireless mode.

So these tools have many uses and can help you get the best performance from your IP Cameras and your local network. Of course, the ability to record from your IP cameras to files, which can be used in virtually any Media Player, is important as well.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions for these tools. Please post them here or at the link above.

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