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Author Topic: EasyN FS-613A-M136 IP cam not connecting/showing up  (Read 3795 times)

August 14, 2013, 07:40:49 pm
Quote from a previous thread:

Whether or not the camera actually gets detected after I boot my computer up has been a roll of the dice since I got it. I constantly have to unplug the camera and plug it back in just to get it to work, and even that's not a sure thing. Lately I've just given up if the camera doesn't get picked up on my network on startup. I only got it working tonight by sheer luck, I was watching a movie and I got an IP address conflict popup, so I figured I'd check and see if it picked up...and it did. Who knows how. I went into the camera's Search IP Address software and changed its IP to instead of its default Hopefully that'll solve the conflict problem and let it get picked up on the network without fail. Time will tell.

This camera has been a pain in my backside since I've gotten it. When it works, it's great. I just can't seem to get this thing to consistently work.

I booted my computer up this morning and wouldn't you know, it's not being detected by my recording software, OR the software that came with it. Running a program called IP scanner from range to reveals 3 live hosts: is my router is my OBi110 phone hardware is my PC

From what I set last night, the IP camera should be lighting up, but it isn't. I'm wondering if the default IP reset back to, or if it's something else. I don't know. I tried unplugging the ethernet cable and plugging it back in, the same to the power, and then to both.

I'm fresh out of ideas.