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Author Topic: Flir Thermal Camera- Nexus Server Web Configurator  (Read 2802 times)

August 07, 2013, 03:16:17 am
Hey experts.
I bought a flir thermal camera( M618CS) and now the camera has some malfunctions unfortunately.
I contact to the dealer and they answered:
"It sounds like the firmware and offsets are corrupted. The solution will be to reload the firmware.
It will need to be loaded via the Nexus sever. When the camera is connected to a laptop.
When in the Nexus Server Web Configurator and within the Server status page. The Firmware is downloaded in the MCU firmware section."

would you please tell me how can i do this step by step?
what is Nexus server web configure and....
I have not heard any thing about Nexus server and so.
Thank you so much in advance.