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Author Topic: Bricked Heden Vision Cam 2.2 - 2010 (CAMHED02IPW) - HELP PLEASE!!  (Read 4404 times)

July 17, 2013, 10:13:58 am
I look for the original firmware for my Heden IP CAM CAMHED02IPW 4.0 - N.Serie: 2010...I need to find the previous firmware of the (, romfs.img...).

I have brick (using the firmware found on ) my
CAMHED02IPW 4.0 - N.Serie: 2010, PCB reports NIP_02 & 03 & 05 & 09_M_v3 September 20,2010 and the series is FIG1010037468.

With JTAG connection I tried to flash a firmware recovery ( worm found on, but without success using:

FX 7 linux 0x7f020000 0x00008000 -acxz
FX 6 romfs 0x7f0E0000 0x7f0E0000 -a
FX 8 webui 0x7f180000 0x7f180000 -a -nofooter

Someone can help me and send me the correct version firmware, romfs.img and webui.

Thanks in advance

July 29, 2013, 06:02:58 am
No one can help me?