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Is Foscam take the design of ReeCam

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Author Topic: release of plugins for firefox/chrome/safari/opera in windows/linux/mac  (Read 4772 times)

February 02, 2013, 03:22:32 am
Hi Everybody.

I am Maverick. We, ReeCam, are an IP Camera ODM Service Provider in China. We focus on software development and hardware design of IP Camera. Foscam Wansview Apexis EasyN NEO Wanscam EyeSight etc are our customer and take our design to produce IP Cameras.

Attached is a release packet of napi plugins for firefox/chrome/safari/opera and for Windows/Linux/Mac.
If someone is interesting in Web UI development . he can use it instead of VLC plugin. it is simple and light.
there are documents in the package, but it is writen with Chinese and Chinglish.