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Author Topic: Using Foscam for Lazer Tag Arena  (Read 3180 times)

December 13, 2012, 05:46:52 pm
Hi, first time poster here but VERY interested in what's going on.  I have an idea but I don't know to what extent these things could actually work.  Any input would be very appreciated.


I own a Lazer Tag center and came up with the crazy idea of adding some Foscam FI8918W cameras to the mix.

I have a viewing room with a window, but I wanted to make the viewers feel more a part of the action.  The idea is to have a computer in the room with access to the Foscams.  This would be a simple setup but I have grander ideas.  Some of the changes would have to be on in camera's firmware, but the others would be input related.  Here is a list of what I'd want out of the system.

- Coin operated = A person wanting to use the system would drop in a coin and get X amount of minutes of control time.

- "Pay Mode" Vs. "Free Mode"

= "Free Mode" means all cameras are set to a static position, monitor is on multi camera view and there is no audio in either direction.  Basically it is free to watch.

"Pay Mode" = User can: Move cameras, switch between single and multi view, talk and listen from each camera, control movement and direction of each camera.

- To control the camera movement, I'd like to use a joystick input instead of a GUI button press.

- To control camera selection, I'd like to have arcade/back lit buttons.  one for each camera and one to choose single camera view or multi camera view.  Push-to-talk button either on the joystick or one for each camera.

- On-screen Display = nothing but the name of the camera meaning I do not want the time stamp in the bottom right corner.  The font and size are too small as of now so I'd like to make it bigger and bolder if possible.

- On-screen GUI = nothing.  All controls will be from external buttons or the joystick.

- Controls = The user will not have access to the keyboard or mouse, only the joystick and buttons.

So yeah, small project, right?

August 10, 2013, 01:39:16 pm
hi, i realize i may be too late but this sounds like a fairly simple project, all you need really is:
1) sound system for your audio, depending on size of arena,
2) coin slot or card reader for computer, now a days you could even sell prepaid swipe cards @ front desk
3)(per user station) computer(s)(nothing fancy), joystick,  (#2), headphones,
4) router,
5) the hard part, is the computer code, you may need to develop, or hire developer, but there is no need to hack camera, since all controls mentioned can be done through PC

one thing we need to consider is how the users interface, ie do they get their own cam each, or are they able to switch between cameras, if thats the case how would we address conflict, ie if 2 users were controlling the same camera

PLAN B) i would suggest would be to go android, then you rent tablet out at front desk already connected
this could be beneficial since android has ad-hoc, ie you could eliminate router, pc, joystick,coin reader, and hook each tablet(with headphones) direct to a camera, the only problem  i could see here is when kids drop them , but perhaps there is a good enough bounce guard technology we could get..

overall though, this seems like a good idea and it would be interesting to see where it goes.