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Author Topic: Cee-IPH-B168  (Read 2704 times)

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December 09, 2012, 08:12:23 pm
Ineresting ,I found a couple of control programs -I use IP Camera Viewer 1.2 to provide PTZ control and Eye Line Video System to record and a couple of other functions. For both of these programs I  use the Wanscanm AH-C2WA-B168 setup. The web site selling these on E-Bay show using the VSTARCAM control program. I have tried to upgrade the Firmware with VSTARCam ,but, get a message
saying "failed to read version information of latest ROM" I think the people selling this on E-Bay are selling junk. I attempted to get E-Bay to look into it-no go.
Other than the software the unit seems ok-I put it out side  using wireless and all ok with the temperature down to minus 7 Centigrade. It would be nice if I could get  a working firmware.
I ordered a new Foscam ,should be here in a couple of days. Hope it doesn't have issues .