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Author Topic: u-boot failed in DVR with hi3515  (Read 6019 times)

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February 12, 2014, 01:30:06 am
Hi all.
I have trouble with my DVR.
After failed update of firmware, my DVR didn't start.
When I connect rs-232 I see in terminal that u-boot can't execute commands.
It show me command line and on all commands reply:
"Unknown command try 'help'". Also same reaction on 'help' and '?'.
Is it possible recover u-boot throw UART,USB or something else when u-boot is broken?
May be processor has some mode when it can get firmware from UART when start?
I have firmware.bin and u-boot.bin.img.

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March 05, 2014, 06:29:25 am
I have the same problem, only worse because I lost my
my files. bin (firmware.bin and u-boot.bin.img)
be he could help me and send files via email for testing,
My email:
thank you