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Author Topic: Thanks and Linux 2.6  (Read 4246 times)

February 08, 2011, 02:40:44 pm
First : thank you for this great site and thanks to promote the idea of an open ip camera ;D

here i see that a chinese team (osboy)  is (was?) working on a 2.6 kernel for the W90N710 and maybe the W90N745, but i don't know if the project is mature or not as i can't register there :-[
Maybe the have some material to share...

Keep going !!!!

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February 08, 2011, 04:40:27 pm
I've spoken to him already, had a long chat on msn in chinese with him.

Was hard to register there even as someone who can read / write chinese - his web server doesn't have reverse dns and my mail server was bouncing their mail.  I could only click resend once a day, took me a few days to get it sorted.

His 2.6 is in a similar state to my attempt to get 2.6 going.
Its basically working through all the gcc compile issues and making sure the code is compilable.
Not a fun job.

Its easier to port to a newer 2.4 release i think.  uClinux does already semi support W90N710 which is similar enough to the 745, so its not too hard to do it.

I've asked Nuvoton if they have something newer, they did reply, but I left China for CNY, so haven't gotten back to them.

The mcuos arm 3.3.4 tools he has are better though for newer stuff like busybox 1.11.
I link on one of the posts in the ucLinux forum.

I may finally have a romfs I want to release to the wide world - I've gotten a decent busybox and other tools together in only 650kb, just testing it now.