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Author Topic: Why choose ELP 1080P Megapixel Mini Pinhole Hidden Network Camera  (Read 2631 times)

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January 26, 2016, 01:52:31 am
Very good quality picture and well built body. I contacted the seller and they responded very quick , very helpful and professional seller. the camera is a little hard an complicated to setup, . don not try to change the port 80 when setting up . make sure the ActiveX filtering is unchecked when trying to log in . .
Why we choose ELP-IP1892 pinhole ip camera?
1) low difficulty to construction and maintenance, low cost, without laying a lot of video cable or power cord,
simple construction, low cost of transmission equipment (switches or fiber optic transceivers) required, and is conductive to routine maintenance.
2) system scalability, and can be integrated with a variety of equipment realize real 1920x1080P HD resolution,
and improve the equipment working effect.
3) Mini and hidden, can install at home or office elegently. ONVIF international standard protocol.
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