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Author Topic: SunEyes SP-P702PTZ  (Read 5874 times)

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July 14, 2015, 08:05:51 pm
Hello and thank you for this great forum!

I bought and received this SunEyes SP-P702PTZ camera :

which looks to be ok but I can't find a way to turn off the IR leds at night.
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http://admin:admin@<ip>:<port>/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=setinfrared&-infraredstat=close returns an error on Firefox ("The connection was reset"), CURL ("curl: (52) Empty reply from server") and WGET ("HTTP request sent, awaiting response... No data received.").

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http://admin:admin@<ip>:<port>/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=getserverinfo returns:
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var serialNum="VVVIPC1501143320HSDS-xxxxxxxxxxx"; var model="RT_IPC"; var hardVersion="3300-ov9712a"; var softVersion="V2.3.4.1301-M20-TSA-B20150617A"; var ipcname="IPCAM"; var startdate="1970-1-1 8:0:14"; var runtimes="0 day, 10:22"; var sdstatus="out"; var sdfreespace="0 "; var sdtotalspace="0 "; var builddate="Jun 17 2015 "; var productmodel="null"; var vendor="VVVIPC"; var swver=""; var hwver="";

- Does anyone know how to turn off IR manually on this cam?
- Could you advise me the best firmware?

Thanks for any help!