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Author Topic: Help with Wanscam ncb541w going grey  (Read 2333 times)

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March 30, 2015, 04:12:32 pm
Hi, I came across these forums whilst trying to solve my problem and they look a fab place for info. I brought the Wansview NCB541w ip camera. I followed all the set up instructions and have it working great on Wifi on desktop, ipad and iphone.
But when im not at home (out of my wifi) I am unable to see it. I set up a port forwarding rule and the port is open, but no working for me so I have missed something.
My router is the virgin media superhub.
Another thing I have found is the web address that comes with the camera, it tells me to pt this in the manufacturers domain....This box wont allow me to type or copy into it.
I have downloaded and set up a account but I cannot put this in DDNS and I have set up a dyndns one too, but im a bit thick when is comes to these things. as it seems I have to run these on desktop to work but if im away I wont leave desktop running only router, so I wouldnt be able to view cameras.

Any help at all would be great as its driving me nuts and a woman going nuts isnt good.

Thanks in advance