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January 21, 2015, 04:53:10 am

I searched a lot and there are some days I found a compatible package manager with my Hi3518c IPcam.
So I share.
If your Ipcam run on ARM926EJ-S processor (kernel compiled with uclibc) it should work.

The packages are a bit old but I hope this will help some.

Personally I have installed:
- nano (pleasure compared to vi)
- mc (export TERM=xterm in .profile)
- motion (works but I can not recover the good /dev/xxx).

There are several packets, the list is here:

If you find other repositories, I hope you post here.

Install (root):
tar xzf opkg-hi3518.tgz -C /
opkg update

Install nano
opkg install nano

rm -Rf /bin/opkg /etc/opkg.conf /usr/lib/opkg /var/opkg-lists
More info: